ORCD Global Inc. is a U.S. based nongovernmental, and not-for-profit founded in 2017. ORCDG was registered in the State of California, United States of America (USA) on 05 November 2017 (Registration No: C4076735). Later, it was registered as an international organization in Afghanistan in December 2018 (Registration number 460). ”.

The aim of the organization is to con- tribute to the efforts of international community in alleviating sufferings of communities living in conflict or post- conflict situations.

ORCD is the first Afghan NGO representing civil societies in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)of the United Nations. Such a status had never been granted to any Afghan NGO ever before in the history of Afghanistan.  

It envisages accomplishing its aims by building local capacities, generating evidence in various disciplines, promoting evidence-based best practices, and implementing grassroots community development and humanitarian projects with a meaningful nexus between them.


School Feeding Program

As part of the School Feeding Pro- gram, ORCD Global has signed a contract with Charity Right UK for the implementation of a project entitled: Provision of Food to Vulnerable School Children in AfghanistanSchool Feeding ProgramThe project is in response to the desperate situation of Afghanistan where 22.8 million are going through a crisis of emergency and low levels of food supply. The project addresses to alleviate the suffering of children who are subject to acute malnutrition.
The project will literally improve school attendance and since the issue of hunger is addressed by school meals, they can learn better in class. Apart from that, more students will enroll at the school as the community becomes aware that school feeding is available there every day. The project will also ensure that students eat a healthy meal every day so their physical contition should improve.

Emergency Food DistributionEmergency Food

With funding from Action for Humanity, ORCD has been implementing a project aimed at addressing food in- security in Afghanistan. The project aims to meet the immediate food and nutritional needs of vulnerable communities. ORCD Global carries out the distribution of food packages. Overall, the project is targeting more than 500 households in Kabul who currently live under the poverty line and those who have lost access to livelihoods due to the recent economic and political upheaval.

Orphan Support Program

With funding from Action for Humanity (AFH), ORCD Global is targeting 50 orphans as part of one on one sponsorship program. As part of this, children are provided with a monthly stipend of £30 GBP ($38 USD) per child until they become 18 years old. This will empower the children to have access to nutritious meal, education, clothing, health services which will alleviate the suffering their widow mothers making them independent on their distant relatives making them empowered and self-reliant literally preventing gender- based violence (GBV).